Cypher Sessions Collective

Hip-Hop from the Ground Up


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The Cypher Sessions Collective presents:

The Santa Cruz Hip-Hop Festival 2017

The Santa Cruz Hip-Hop Festival is an event that establishes tradition and partnerships, not only within the Hip-Hop community but in the community of local businesses, non-profits and artists. The festival will feature a wide variety of performance acts including all elements of Hip-Hop. 

This year, we have decided to extend the event to another day and feature 3 days of camping, music, and community with a wide variety of acts from around California.



Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions Two Year Anniversary Show

About Cypher Sessions

Cypher Sessions is a group of like-minded individuals that have created a platform to spread consciousness in our communities and change the negative outlook that the Hip-Hop Culture has been given. We are here to educate and create an environment for artists to be themselves and bring new ideas to light.

"Hip-Hop from the Ground Up" - Cypher Sessions Crew